sucks when the person you love the most doesn’t want to be with you.

Why stay away from the person you love?

Have you ever been so hurt that your heart feels like it’s being ripped out? my whole body aches, I can’t stop tears from falling. this is what love does to you. This is the reason I never believed in love. I never wanted too fall in love. I hated the thought. but without even realizing it I was head over heels in love with this boy and there was no denying it. he fell in love with me. but this is no fairy tail. there is no happy endings. True love conquers all. but it takes two to love, and if one person isn’t willing to make it work. then it falls apart. I can’t stand the thought of losing what I love, who I love. And I will do anything to try to keep this love of mine in my life. but right now I’m hurt. I want you forever in my life. please don’t walk out of it.

Maybe My ac will catch on fire like my great grandmothers did. and burn my house down, the only difference is that I want too be in it.